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Scholar Profiles

Phil Jackson

Recommended reading.

Chomsky, N. (2016) Who Rules the World? London: Hamish Hamilton.

Holloway, J. (2010) Change the world without taking power. London: Pluto.

From ‘Student Occupation’ in the 90’s to the SSC in the 21st Century.

Originally I went to University, Polytechnic as it was then, in the early 1990’s when student loans were first being introduced. With fellow students, we occupied campus buildings in protest at the introduction of student loans and in solidarity with other Poly/Uni occupations across England. Furthermore, we campaigned for improved student facilities, including disabled access. As you know we did not stop student loans, however, we did achieve a small victory by getting disabled access installed across the campus. Needless to say, I did not complete my degree being distracted by alternative lifestyles, protest movements and direct-action.

A lifetime of anarchism later I returned to University as a very mature student with no intention of ever paying off my student debt, capitalism has this thing called bankruptcy which seems to be quite popular. Being very dismayed at the unquestioning passive acceptance of the neoliberal status quo amongst my student cohort, the Social Science Centre offered a beacon of hope as an old man’s alternative to protest and occupation. While being quite new to the SSC and not completely sure of the goals and aims, it would be wonderful for the SSC to provide an inspirational springboard to likeminded individuals, groups and communities to explore alternative ways of learning and living together.

Phil Jackson, (2018).