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This conference brings together people who are resisting the politics of austerity and the pedagogy of debt: some are grounded in the radical history and traditions of universities and working-class education; others, frustrated by their exclusion from education, are asking how to respond to this situation.  The purpose of the event is to find out what each other is doing, further develop our work together, and establish a collective network for support and solidarity.

One of the key issues of the event is how groups are organising themselves to conduct their various activities.  The organisers of the conference – members of the Social Science Centre, Lincoln, creating free cooperative higher education – are particularly interested in exploring the concept of co-operation, as an idea in general, as an appropriate organisational form, and as a pedagogic practice. While co-operation and the co-operative movement will be a focus of the event, the conference is hoping to attract participants from a variety of organisations.

The conference is being held in Lincoln, where informal networks are already being formed in response to the crisis in education, employment, housing, health and welfare. While the focus of this event is the future of higher education, the conference recognises that the crisis in higher education can only be addressed by working across all of the current social issues. The conference welcomes people and groups who are attempting to deal with these issues.

The event will be held at The Collection, Lincoln’s museum and art gallery. You are invited to register below. If you are arriving by car, we recommend using the car park shown in this map:

If arriving by train, here is a walking map to the conference venue:

Friday 25th April, 7pm onwards

Pre-conference food/drinks. For anyone wishing to arrive the night before. Location to be determined. Donations to SSC to cover restaurant costs welcome.

Saturday 26th April

9-10.30am Early morning guided tour of Lincoln’s social and co-operative history for early/overnight delegates.

10.30-11am Arrival/registration

11-11.30. Welcome. Introductions.

11.30-12.30: Session 1: Papers and presentations:

  • Aniko Horvath, ‘Researching alternative higher education’
  • David McAleavey, ‘Building for Co-operative Education’
  • Mark Narayan, ‘A sound walk’
  • Angela Porter, ‘Co-operative values’
  • Andreas Wittel, ‘Higher education as a common good’

12.30-1.15pm: Lunch

1.15-2pm: Reflecting on three years of the Social Science Centre.

2-2.40: Session 2: Existing work, projects and practices for co-operative higher education.

2.40-3pm: Refreshments

3-3.40pm: Session 3: Aspirations and objectives for co-operative higher education.

3.40pm-4.30: Discussion, conclusions. Next steps.

If you wish to attend, please could you let us know by completing the form below. There is no registration cost, but donations to the SSC prior to the conference or on the day are welcome. Thank you.

Donate to the Social Science Centre

If you wish to donate to the SSC, you can do so via PayPal using the button below. Please email us if you would prefer to send a cheque or make a bank transfer.

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