How can you help the SSC?

We quite regularly get email from people who love the idea of the Social Science Centre and want to contribute in some way, but do not live in or near the city of Lincoln, where we’re based. There are a number of ways (in no particular order) that people can still get involved and contribute to our work wherever you happen to be:

  1. Give a public seminar at the SSC in Lincoln. We try to hold one event each month
  2. Write a blog post for our website that discusses the SSC, new models of higher education, etc.
  3. Invite us to give a talk where you are
  4. Join the SSC mailing list
  5. Join the SSC as a scholar or associate scholar
  6. Donate to the SSC if you can
  7. Consider how we can be included in formal research projects, grant proposals, etc.
  8. Involve us in creating your own local version of the SSC co-operative model for higher education
  9. Write a journal article, book chapter or blog post that critiques and helps develop the ideas and practices of the SSC
  10. Contact people in your own networks to make them aware of the SSC and how to help further the work of the SSC
  11. Offer legal, constitutional, financial, organisational advice
  12. Tell us about similar work that you’re doing, relevant news about alternative approaches to higher education, as well as criticisms and critiques you have of the SSC and similar projects.

However you’d like to contribute, do tell us by emailing

Thank you!

An update for members of the SSC

The following email was sent out to all members of the SSC last week. 

Dear member of the Social Science Centre,

I’m writing to you on behalf of the SSC to update you on recent activity and invite you to become more involved in the running of the centre and development of courses over the summer. There is some very important information in this email regarding your contribution to the SSC and the forthcoming AGM.

As you may already know, we held our first Open Day last weekend at The Collection, Lincoln, when around 30 people came to find out more about the SSC. Many of those people joined us later at the Angel Coffee House for cake and drinks. We’ll be posting information about the Open Day on our website soon.

The SSC was featured in the local press and BBC radio and during the weekend over 1200 people visited the SSC website, resulting in over 20 new members. We currently have 65 members of the co-operative, over 100 people on the discussion list and around 20 more people have registered their interest. If you are not already a member of the discussion list, please do consider joining. It is our primary method of communication between meetings.

At a recent meeting, we agreed to start classes during the week beginning October 1st and, with the Open Day behind us, are now concentrating on developing curricula. We’d therefore like all members to think about how they would like to contribute to this process. I know when you joined the SSC, many of you told us about your experience and what you’d like to contribute, but for some of you that was several months ago and so we’d like to offer you this opportunity to refresh that information and reiterate your commitment the SSC. We recognise that over time, our circumstances change and that some of you may no longer be able to contribute in the way you originally intended. Please tell us, if that is the case.

So, I’d be very grateful if you would complete one or both of these short forms. The first is intended for members  who are primarily interested in being student scholars.

I want to learn…

The second is intended for members who are primarily interested in being teacher scholars. Recognising that some members may wish to teach some classes but also be a student in some classes, too, please click on either or both of the links and take a few minutes to complete the form.

I can teach…  Some of you may already have complete this form. There is no need to do it again!

If your circumstances have changed and you’d like to cancel your membership of the SSC, please reply to this email and let us know. We really appreciate the support you have given us and send our best wishes to you.

Finally, it has been a year since the SSC was constituted as a co-operative and our AGM is scheduled to be on Saturday 19th May, at The Collection, Lincoln. A map and the address can be found here:

It would be helpful if can you tell us whether you will be attending the AGM so that we can make appropriate arrangements for refreshments and ensure we have a room big enough to accommodate us all. I really hope that you are able to attend. Prior to attending, you may wish to review our Constitution and other documents:

Thank you and best wishes,

SSC – your co-operative.

Open day at the Social Science Centre

Drafting the press release

The Social Science Centre (SSC), Lincoln, provides an opportunity for students and scholars to engage in a co-operative experience of higher education. Run as a not-for-profit co-operative, the Centre is managed on democratic principles with all having equal involvement in how it is organised. The subjects taught at the Centre are core to the social sciences such as Sociology, Politics and Philosophy. All SSC courses are at university level and are taught by experienced scholars who have an interest in developing new approaches to higher education.

People are invited to an ‘open day’ to find out about plans for the SSC and to come and talk about membership of the Centre, studying, researching and designing curricula. SSC members will introduce the major ideas of the Centre and discuss some of the current challenges facing higher education.

An ‘open day’ for all those interested in studying and teaching at the Centre (at the equivalent of BA, MA and PhD levels) is to be held at The Collection, Danes Terrace, Lincoln LN2 1LP on April 21, 2-6pm. A social will be held in the evening at the Angel Coffee Café, Free School Lane, Lincoln LN2 1.

For more information email


FAQ, Members page, Business Plan and a Statement of Values

Establishing a co-operative like the Social Science Centre initially requires a number of small but significant steps. Recently we agreed and signed our Constitution and today we’ve published our Business Plan and Statement of Values. All three documents are required to open a Co-operative Bank account, so now we have these foundational documents, the forms can go off to the bank.

We’ve also updated our website with a new members page and a fairly comprehensive FAQ, which we’ve been drafting for some time. Hopefully, it will answer all your questions. If not, please leave a comment or email us.

Once we have arranged the bank account, we’ll be in a position to formally accept paying members. The agreed monthly membership fee will be a self-assessed amount, equivalent to one hour of your monthly wage. You can work out how much it will be by using this document. It could be as low as £4 if you’re on minimum wage, or over £30/month if you earn over £100K/year. If you’re unemployed, there’s no fee. Regardless of how much you pay, we like the idea of working for one hour a month in our paid jobs to voluntarily support the Social Science Centre.

Initially, we’re looking to attract at least 20 Academic members who would like to teach at our Mint Lane building in Lincoln. Once we’re sure we’ve got that commitment, we’ll then advertise for student members. As you’ll see from our Business Plan, we hope that the SSC will always have 20 teachers and 20 students meeting regularly in Lincoln. In addition to this, we’re looking for a growing number of Associate Academic members who can contribute to the SSC in other ways: providing peer-review, external assessment, occasional guest lectures, editorial assistance on our planned journal, help with our summer school in 2012 and financially. We’ve said all along that the quality and credibility of the SSC will be determined and governed by its membership and we’re hoping to attract as many Academic members and Associate Academic members as we can to achieve this.

An open letter inviting new members will be posted soon and at that time changes will be made on this site so that you can join the Social Science Centre straight away.