How can you help the SSC?

We quite regularly get email from people who love the idea of the Social Science Centre and want to contribute in some way, but do not live in or near the city of Lincoln, where we’re based. There are a number of ways (in no particular order) that people can still get involved and contribute to our work wherever you happen to be:

  1. Give a public seminar at the SSC in Lincoln. We try to hold one event each month
  2. Write a blog post for our website that discusses the SSC, new models of higher education, etc.
  3. Invite us to give a talk where you are
  4. Join the SSC mailing list
  5. Join the SSC as a scholar or associate scholar
  6. Donate to the SSC if you can
  7. Consider how we can be included in formal research projects, grant proposals, etc.
  8. Involve us in creating your own local version of the SSC co-operative model for higher education
  9. Write a journal article, book chapter or blog post that critiques and helps develop the ideas and practices of the SSC
  10. Contact people in your own networks to make them aware of the SSC and how to help further the work of the SSC
  11. Offer legal, constitutional, financial, organisational advice
  12. Tell us about similar work that you’re doing, relevant news about alternative approaches to higher education, as well as criticisms and critiques you have of the SSC and similar projects.

However you’d like to contribute, do tell us by emailing

Thank you!