Help us develop a model for co-operative higher education

If you have seen the announcement about our project to develop a model for co-operative higher education, here’s how we hope you will participate.

We want the process to be as inclusive as possible and there are different ways of becoming directly involved:

  1. Come to one of the five workshops in Lincoln (19 June/17 July/9 Oct/20 Nov/29 Jan)
  2. Join an online focus group (two weeks after the workshop)*
  3. Allow us to interview you (between May 2015 and January 2016)
  4. Complete a survey (January 2016)

We have created a short form for you to complete to let us know how you’d like to be involved and what you can contribute. Please share the form with anyone you think will be interested. Thank you.

Link to participation form:

* The online focus groups will be as follows:

  •  Pedagogy: Thursday 2nd July (7-8pm)
  •  Governance: Thursday 23rd July (7-8pm)
  •  Legal: Thursday 22nd October (7-8pm)
  •  Business Models: Thursday 3rd December (7-8pm)
  •  Transnational: Thursday 11th February (7-8pm)
Please indicate if you wish to participate in a focus group when completing the form. They will be held via Skype or similar technology and details of how to join will be sent out in good time.

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