SSC General meeting, 21st March 2015

SSC Notes Saturday, 21st March 12 noon, Mint Lane

Apologies: Joss, Sarah, Gerard, Martha, Lucy, Wendy, Paul, David

Attending: Peaceful, Andrew, Laura, Andrea, Mike

1. Know How : the session this week was based on Joss’ work on co-operatives. Those present got a great deal from the session, which included a discussion about what is the real nature of research and what is the relationship between research and scholarship. There was also a debate about the extent to which co-operatives can exist inside a capitalist economy.

Aniko Horvath is presenting at the session next week. We can all go out to poetry/drinks night in Jolly Brewer after the session.

2. Visits: to London Met Archive on Worker Education and May Day Rooms still to be sorted out. Mike to get on with this and discuss with Joss.

3. AGM – to be held on 16th of May in the Main Hall at Croft Street Community Centre from 11am – 4pm, subject to availability. ( Mike to check). The first hour, 11-12, will be taken up with business, including a planning meeting. We can have lunch from 12 – 1 pm. We agreed that we would bring food to share, making use of the kitchen and the dining area. We can then have presentation and discussion session after lunch. Bob Cannel and Tony Jeffs to be invited, by Joss and David.

4. Planning Meetings: These are now to be held every two weeks, on Saturdays at 12 noon and on Thursday evenings at 6pm, before the Know-How sessions. The dates for these meetings are:

Saturday 4th April 12 noon

Thursday 16th April 6pm

Saturday 2nd May 12 noon

Saturday 16th May – AGM

5. Study Skills: All felt it was a good idea to organise a series of study support sessions. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

6. Rent and Keys: Mike to confirm payments up date as well as arrangements for key holders for Mint Lane premises

Meeting ended 12.50.

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