Notes for Know-how (session nine): “Shall we start a movement?”

18th December 2014. Attending: Joss, Tim, Martha, Gerard, Laura.

We talked about:

  • Alternating each week’s session so that we discuss our own research and learn from the published research of others.
  • How do people understand the role of research so that it helps them make choices?
  • How do researchers get access to their area of research? Isn’t that part of research?
  • We need to spend more time discussing people’s research ideas and identify the research projects that are going on within and outside the SSC.
  • How do we change the outside by changing the inside of the SSC?
  • How does theory constrain research?
  • Research interventions as a “dare”.
  • What happens when a teacher says to his students: “Shall we start a movement” (after Larkin)
  • Action research has emancipatory aims, not the building of models.
  • If our research aims to develop models, are they “models of…” or “models for…”?
  • How to work collectively on individual interests? Sharing ingredients vs. sharing meals.
  • We’re looking forward to the Fun Palace Party on the 20th December.

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