Notes from SSC Planning Meeting, 1st March 2014, at Revival Centre

Meeting started at 12 noon

Venue – Revival Centre, Sincil Street, Lincoln

Present: Lucy, Andrew, Peaceful, Mike, Gary, David

Apologies: Sarah, Richard, Joss, Adrian

1. Conference

The cost of the venue for the conference is approximately £600.

It was agreed to subsidise the cost of the food – £10 for evening meal and £6 for lunch, but to expect people to make a donation.

We need to check number of registrations so far with JW – Action MN

We need to check if any papers have been put forward to morning session –  Action MN

Sessions to present co-operative work and other similar types of activity in Lincoln and elsewhere need to be identified.

Invitations to be made to like-minded groups eg GS to contact PPE, Ragged, Brighton Free University, AMac to contact Capital and Class.

Adam and DMc to take photographs of the event. Arrangements for recording ( audio/video) need to be made.

Walking Tour – who will be leading this needs to be confirmed – MN to speak with JW

Chairs for sessions – needs to be confirmed.

Press and Publicity – GS to speak with RK

Posters and Flyers – Following LS advice MN to sort out printing of more flyers. These should include times of start and finish.

Check necessary materials will be provided eg Flipcharts and pens: DMc

Walk through – need to walk through the days events before the event. This might have already been done. Check with JW

2. SSC – teaching programmes

We started to discuss arrangements for next term. There was a view that next term should focus on writing projects, supervised and mentored by teacher-scholars. The teacher-scholars can meet weekly with student-scholars, and for whole group to meet every 3-4 weeks as a group to discuss and share progress.

3. Venue

The Revival Centre will soon no longer be available for meetings. We need to find alternative venue for our monthly meetings. Revival will be moving premises and there may be some longer term possibilities for SSC with their new arrangements. PW will keep us informed.


Meeting closed at 1.10 pm

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