Social Science Centre meeting notes, 4th January 2014

Social Science Planning Meeting

Date and Time: 12 noon – Saturday, 4th January, 2014

Venue:  Angel Coffee House, Free School Lane

Present: Sarah, Mike, David, Joss, Laylah, Gary

Our Place, Our Priorities

David reported plans to curate photographic prints produced by this project at The Collection, Lincoln, and at other sites in the city and around the East Midlands. David will write up a report on the project with versions published on SSC website and by the Lincolnite. More here:

Meeting with Lincolnite

Meeting next week, provisionally 9th Jan, with Daniel at the Lincolnite to discuss the possibility of further future collaborations.

Social Practice of Art in the Public Realm

As part of his research, David will be curating an exhibition at The Collection in 2015 – ‘Ritual Significance: Art Through and Evolutionary Lens’. It was agreed to consider how this project can be developed in conjunction with the Social Science Centre. This might include work linked with the 2015 Frequency Festival in Lincoln. More here:

Seminar Series – Co-operative Higher Education

Joss informed the meeting about his involvement with a funding proposal to be submitted to the Economic and Social Research Council ( £30K) to fund a seminar series on co-operative higher education. The idea for this proposal has emerged from recent a recent report on Co-operative higher education by Dan Cook and  from events held in 2013 on this issue, including conferences and workshops in Manchester organised by the Co-operative College and Manchester Metropolitan University and in London at the Institute of Education.

Conference on Co-operative Education, Lincoln

It was agreed to host a conference on co-operative higher education in Lincoln, with a provisional date of 29th of March, at the Collection, Lincoln. Although the focus is on higher education the event would be concerned with co-operative education at all levels. Working group needs to be established to plan this event.

Social Science Imagination (SSI) Programme – Winter/Spring term 2014

The SSI programme to begin on 16th January at Pathways Centre, 7-9 pm. The first two sessions with be establishing programme and organise facilitators for each session. It was agreed that some sessions should include people from other groups working on similar issues. We were very pleased to hear about people who had expressed an interest in being a part of this group, including those who have been working on the Our Place, Our Priorities project, and were delighted to hear that some members from previous programmes would be joining us again.


All felt is was important for the SSC to contribute to debates about significant social issues, including education. Ongoing projects include, writing a response to recent survey of student attitudes published by the Quality Assurance Agency. It was agreed to attend a forthcoming meeting in Lincoln (date and time to be confirmed) when it will be possible to discuss education policy with Tristram Hunt, MP, the Shadow Spokesperson on Education for the Labour Party.

The meeting closed at 1.20


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