Minutes of SSC Meeting Saturday 5th October at the Revival Centre, Lincoln.

Apologies: Stephen Hopkins, Mike Neary, Peaceful Warrior

Report on SSI – Sarah, Mike, Gary

Overall the session went well and there were seven people in attendance and apologies from six more. Nevertheless, there were only two new faces.

Child Care

SA to start discussions on this issue through email.

JW and GS to put link for child care on SSC website.

Popular and Higher Education (notes from May workshop available)

GS to organise a session around the themes of popular and higher education.

AGM workshops to reflect address these themes.

 Report on French Visitors – Gary

 GS gave an update on our French visitors and the work they are doing in Paris.

 Recording Schedule for Siren FM – Gary

 GS and SA agreed to record the first session on Friday 8th November. Scholars will be invited for subsequent sessions.

Links with Local Organisations/Volunteer Co-ordinators Networking Forum/ Volunteering with the SSC – Gary

Discussed our relationship with local organisations and, particularly, volunteering. Agreed we need to discuss this in more detail.

Lincolnite Articles (i) Public Seminars; (ii) ‘Our Place, Our Priorities’ – Gary

GS submitted another article to the Lincolnite to promote the next public seminar. DM agreed to write a Lincolnite article about OP, OP.

Prospectus – Joss and Gary

This has been put on hold for now, but further discussions are required to move this forward.

Upcoming Public Seminar(s) – Joss

JW outlined cost for public seminar series and agreed to consult members about the Drill Hall and cost for future seminars.

Purchases: Flipchart, tel number, signage

SA to send links to SH so flipchart can be paurchased.

Participatory Action Research Project – Gary

GS introduced the idea of embedding a PAR project into the SSC. SA, JW, GS and DM to discuss in more detail and forward to members for consultation.


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