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I have been doing some work over the summer with the SSC. To help keep people up-to-date I thought it would be a good idea to write a regular SSC blog that documents my activities. My first post will provide a summary of my work so far – I will then write on a more regular basis to keep people aware of all of the exciting things that are happening at the SSC.

French Visitors: 16th -17th September 2013

In the middle of September 2013 we were visited by Laila Le Guen and Magali Marc. Laila and Magali are currently in the process of setting up their own free, alternative education project in Paris, Coopérative volante des savoirs, or, the Flying Co-operative of Knowledge. During our stay with us, Laila and Magali met some of the members of the SSC, attended our first public seminar series, Reading the Pussy Riot Act, delivered by Ed Bacon of Birkbeck, University of London, and attended an informal meal with members of the SSC. Laila and Magali also visited the Free University of Brighton, People’s Political Economy in Oxford and the London Free School.

It was flattering to receive interest and receive visitors from Paris, France. Laila and Magali found out about the SSC on the internet and had been inspired the work we do at the Centre. It was great to meet them and share ideas about education and supporting local communities. We wish them the best of luck and hope to see them again in the future – hopefully in Paris.

First Public Seminar, Ed Bacon and Reading the Pussy Riot Act: 17th September

We held our first public seminar and, despite not being as well attended as we would have liked, it was nice to see some new faces there. Despite not having a projector, Ed managed to facilitate an interesting and lively discussion about Pussy Riot, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and Russian politics and theology. The group were passionate about the topic and there were some highly charged debates throughout the seminar.

We would like to thank Ed for facilitating an excellent session and those who attended for participating and making it a fascinating public seminar.

Working with Local Organisations: August and September 2013

Despite being quite well known nationally and even internationally, the SSC is relatively unknown locally. To address this I have been meeting with local voluntary organisations in an attempt to work much more closely with them. We hope that by doing this we will be able raise our profile in the local community and provide higher education that matches the needs of the local community. Moreover, we hope that members of the SSC will also work more closely with these local organisations and there are opportunities to work on research projects and as volunteers. So far, I have met with the Nomad Trust, the Volunteer Centre and Acts Trust. All of the organisations have expressed an interest in working more closely with us and informing their colleagues and the people they offer their services to about the SSC.

I have started to put links to these organisations on our website and will post updates about working with these organisations as they arise.


6 thoughts on “Recent activities

        • Hi Hans, at the moment, the SSC is running just one course: The Social Science Imagination. You’re welcome to join us any time during the semester. Are in you Lincoln? If so, why not arrange to meet one or two of us to chat about what you’re interested in studying? As a member-run co-operative, we can choose to run other courses in the future if people want to.

          • Thanks Joss for reminding me.
            At the moment The Social Science Imagination Course is not on top of my agenda.
            I found a few studies to follow online instead. However I plan to come to the next public meeting on the 29TH. Perhaps if you are there too, we can chat a bit more about the topic.
            For your information I live in Ingham, so I always have to make a short journey to get to Lincoln
            Hope to see you next time

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