Annual General Meeting

Our AGM will be held on May 11th, at The Collection (Usher Gallery). Members of the public are welcome from 12.30 and the AGM will run from 1-4pm. SSC scholars are encouraged to arrive at noon.

If you have not been to an SSC meeting before but are curious about what we do, this is an excellent opportunity to find out more. You are very welcome!

If you are a member of the SSC, we would like you to read through our Constitution and if you have an requests for changes, please email the SSC prior to the AGM so that we can ensure there is time for discussion.

We hope that the meeting will be an interesting and enjoyable time spent reflecting on our co-operative for higher education and discussing future plans. To stimulate discussion, we are pleased to have three guest speakers:

Joel Lazarus, SSC scholar and founding member of the People’s Political Economy, will be discussing his work to establish “a network of learning groups designed to promote political-economic literacy outside of the existing and established academic channels.”

Mike Ward, SSC scholar, wil be discussing his recent ethnographic work, which focused on the lives of young men in south Wales.

Mervyn Wilson, Chief Executive and Principal of the Co-operative College, will be discussing the nature of co-operatives and co-operation in education.

This is our second AGM and therefore marks two years of the Social Science Centre. We hope you will come along and celebrate this with us!

8 thoughts on “Annual General Meeting

  1. My first meeting with SSC was the AGM last year. I can’t quite believe that a year has passed and that we are successfully launched with students attending the Sociological Imagination and involved in their personal projects. I am looking forward to hearing the 3 speakers at the AGM and, indeed, making further progress this coming year.

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