New Lincoln Hackspace in the making

In case anyone is interested, I just received information about this new project.
How many people are interested in setting up a ‘Lincoln Hackspace’? If you are interested we’d love you to join us and also spread the word.
First meeting on 30 April, 7pm at Revival (Sincil Street, LN5 7ET)
A Hackspace is a community-operated space where people can meet to learn, create, socialise and collaborate. They might have common interests in woodwork, metalwork, computers, technology, science, digital or electronic art… textiles, 3d printing and more. It is a space to pool ideas, equipment, knowledge and excitement; to tinker, explore and create. A place to make your own projects a reality or help others with theirs.
Hackspace is a relatively new phenomenon but there are already many Hackspaces around the world and some in the UK. We know there are people in and around Lincoln who are already interested in this idea and we’d like them all meet to discuss our needs.
There are already about 20 Hackspaces in the UK which work on several different business structures/models.
Hackspace is associated to the idea of Fab-Lab: a more developed model but Lincoln Hackspace could develop also in this direction.
We are also interested in the idea of a larger model which could involve independent crafts, makers and artists studios/workshops, meeting space and communal kitchen. There are a lot of ideas floating around and we would like to hear yours too.
There UK Hackspace Foundation is a non-profit, community organisation dedicated to co-ordinating hackerspaces in the UK.
The first meeting will take place on 30th April in Revival Café (see the events)
Be a part of a hacker/builder community where ideas are shared, innovation is fostered and the maker experience is hands-on.

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