General meeting this Sunday (17th) at Revival

Our next general, open meeting is this Sunday at 12-2pm, Revival (on the corner of Norman St and Sincil St., Lincoln).

View Revival, Sincil Street, Lincoln in a larger map

The suggested agenda is similar to usual:

  1. Minutes, decisions and actions of meeting 16th February
  2. General activities / Annual lecture
  3. Membership development/ Scholars-teachers and Scholar-students
  4. Finance report
  5. Working groups / progress and issues
  6. Self-organisation process / progress and issues
  7. Public and community work/ progress and issues
  8. Additional considerations and next meeting

If you are attending and/or agreed to actions at the last meeting, please could you try to review the notes from February prior to the meeting.

Download the document here:

Thanks very much. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.


Annual Social Science Centre Public Lecture. ‘Radical Pasts: Contested Futures’

We are delighted to announce that this year’s Social Science Centre, Lincoln, Public Lecture will be given by Prof. Alastair Bonnett, Professor of Geography at Newcastle University

The lecture will take place on 27th of March, at the Collection in Lincoln from 7-9 pm:

Radical Pasts: Contested Futures

Progressive politics has often defined itself against the past. To be ‘forward looking’ has been cast as noble and muscular but being ‘backward looking’ seen as ‘misty eyed’ and feeble. Todaythese attitudes are being questioned. A new and more creative approach to the past seems necessary. This talk looks at the what the story of Thomas Spence (1750-1814), a now forgotten but once famous figure in radical history, has to tell us about the changing role of the past in radicalism. It is a story that also opens up wider questions, such as ‘why is ‘critique’ so central to contemporary radicalism?’ and ‘does radicalism need intellectuals?’.