Minutes from SSC meeting of March 5th 2016

SSC Monthly Meeting

Saturday 5th March 2016

Apologies: Joss, Lucy

Present: Andrew, Carol, Laura, Mike, Sarah, Wendy

Read & agreed last month’s minutes

Curriculum reports: SSI

Andrew outlined our recent seminars looking at dystopian novels, and questioning their relevance and usefulness.  Many people struggled to do the reading in advance, especially whole novels, and we agreed that people should come even not having done the reading, and we will spend some of the time reading during the seminar.

Curriculum reports: Cybernetics with Raul Espejo

People are getting lots out of these sessions, and are stretched by them.  These sessions are attracting a slightly different group of people than our SSI regulars.  Last seminar is a week on Tuesday.

SSI people will discuss what we would like to follow after the Cybernetics course, and brings some suggestions to the next meeting.

Gnawed by Rats

Unable to attend today’s meeting due to snow, but they have an event coming up on Friday 18th March, 6:30-9pm at the Pavilion Building.  Sarah will put this on twitter and the blog.


Joss suggested that we ask Alex (from Ragged University) if he would be interested to do some work on improving and modernising our website for us.  We should pay him for this.  We agreed that this would be a good idea; Mike will get back to Joss to ask Alex.

ISRC Project

We have had the final workshop on transnational networks, which was well attended.  Joss & Mike have written a short article to publish in a journal, and will be working on further articles and presenting it at conferences.  Next SSC needs to prepare a report to share at our AGM, to see how it might develop the SSC.  There is a lot of interest in the establishment of a cooperative university.

Maria & her colleagues are setting up a Cooperative Institute for Trans-National Studies, much like Mondragon in structure; they will charge a fee; a multi-stakeholder coop; working on getting accreditation through the autonomous university in Mexico.  SSC could use them as a proxy accreditation institute.

Mike got a grant this week from the Leadership Foundation, on Cooperative leadership, and putting it into a higher education context.  Suma, Mondragon, a cooperative school, and John Lewis will all be case studies.  Create a tool/vehicle/critical device to assess cooperativeness within university.  It’s one year; £10K, to include a part time research assistant (who can speak Spanish), with a steering committee.

Mondragon delegates are coming over to visit, to look at Student as Producer and what the SSC are doing.

Rituals in Education – Robert Hamm

Joss has invited Robert on 16th April.  We need to check the status of this, and help with advertising.

Distress in the City – Linden West

Linden has written a book on Stoke-on-Trent and the rise of Islamophobia.  Mike will invite him get back to him to arrange a date for him to visit.  We need to get some basic posters made.

Antipode Project

Grant available for scholar-activist fellowship.  “Hull City of Culture” is gentrifying Hull, and resulting in the enclosing and privatising of previously open and public spaces.  Campaign is currently happening around keeping a school building public instead of selling it off; she would like help documenting it.  The SSC could be recognised as an institutional partner in the grant, which would mean we would handle the money.  It would cover materials and space, but not time.  Do we want to contribute? Do we have the knowledge & skills? What would we do with the money?

There were concerns raised about complications around, and the big responsibility of handling the funds, in partnership with people we have not yet had chance to build up trust with.  Might it divert our energies?

There was a concern raised that Lincoln is a long way from Hull – we are not aware of what is going on there; would we spend a lot of the money on travelling between?  Does this make sense as a partnership?  We do have people who are experienced in facilitating community learning who could offer this support on a consultancy capacity.  We are not local enough; we don’t have a capacity; our budget is not set up for this sort of thing.

Savings Pools

A pool is in the process of being set up, including contracts and legality.  It is a closed group, but we will run further workshops in future, and support who are interested in setting up a pool.


We propose Saturday 7th May at Croft Street Community Centre for AGM.  It will include business meeting, and look at ISRC report and research project and how it can support the SSC, and how we might review our governance structures, and invite people who have been part of the project to contribute (rather than guest speakers).

Actions from last AGM: workshop on decision making process & technology (hasn’t happened yet).  Why hasn’t this happened – there isn’t the energy?  We will discuss paper on consensus decision making at SSI, and bring this back to AGM.

Re-visit values at AGM.

Short course on feminist social theory and gender, offered by Andrea, Sarah and Lucy – this has been disrupted by people’s circumstances, but the issues are still of interest.

Suggestion that each of us write 200 words about who we are, why we’re involved, etc.   Let’s do this ready to re-launch the website.  (We will ask for this when we advertise the AGM)

Stephen has asked to stand down from treasurer’s role.  We need to appoint positions at AGM – treasurer, secretary, etc.


Next meeting Saturday 2nd April.

Wendy asks to talk about the origins of capitalism, and Helen Meiksins-Wood’s work.

SSC General meeting, 21st March 2015

SSC Notes Saturday, 21st March 12 noon, Mint Lane

Apologies: Joss, Sarah, Gerard, Martha, Lucy, Wendy, Paul, David

Attending: Peaceful, Andrew, Laura, Andrea, Mike

1. Know How : the session this week was based on Joss’ work on co-operatives. Those present got a great deal from the session, which included a discussion about what is the real nature of research and what is the relationship between research and scholarship. There was also a debate about the extent to which co-operatives can exist inside a capitalist economy.

Aniko Horvath is presenting at the session next week. We can all go out to poetry/drinks night in Jolly Brewer after the session.

2. Visits: to London Met Archive on Worker Education and May Day Rooms still to be sorted out. Mike to get on with this and discuss with Joss.

3. AGM – to be held on 16th of May in the Main Hall at Croft Street Community Centre from 11am – 4pm, subject to availability. ( Mike to check). The first hour, 11-12, will be taken up with business, including a planning meeting. We can have lunch from 12 – 1 pm. We agreed that we would bring food to share, making use of the kitchen and the dining area. We can then have presentation and discussion session after lunch. Bob Cannel and Tony Jeffs to be invited, by Joss and David.

4. Planning Meetings: These are now to be held every two weeks, on Saturdays at 12 noon and on Thursday evenings at 6pm, before the Know-How sessions. The dates for these meetings are:

Saturday 4th April 12 noon

Thursday 16th April 6pm

Saturday 2nd May 12 noon

Saturday 16th May – AGM

5. Study Skills: All felt it was a good idea to organise a series of study support sessions. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

6. Rent and Keys: Mike to confirm payments up date as well as arrangements for key holders for Mint Lane premises

Meeting ended 12.50.

Notes from March 7th general meeting

SSC Planning Meeting

Time: 12 noon, Saturday 7 March 2015

Venue: Involce@Lincoln | Mint Lane

Present: PW, Mike, David & Wendy

Apologies: Sarah, Joss, Andrew, Laura, Tim, Lucy, Stephen, Gerard & Martha

Previous minutes agreed.


Mike gave us a summary of the course so far, with particular reference to the most recent session. By all accounts (Wendy and PW also contributed to the summary) it was a stimulating evening spent debating the fundamentals. It was noted that a concern had been raised by one of the participants about the extent to which all scholars had felt included in the session. It was agreed that time should be spent reflecting on this matter at the next session so that no scholar should feel excluded nor that their contributions were not valued and that each member of the group feels that they are an important part of the session. It was also agreed that the group might reflect on its protocols for making public any issue that arises in future sessions.


Mike will contact London Metropolitan to arrange a visit to their Adult Ed & Trade Union Ed archive later in the spring; Mike will also contact Joss to try and co-ordinate this with a visit to the May Day Rooms.

It was agreed that we would invite Bob Cannell & Tony Jeffs to join us as speakers at our AGM. Wendy is going to contact Helen Gunter to find out if she would also like to join us too (Wendy will circulate something soon).

AGM | Saturday, 16 May

The Collection is not available, but we are pencilled in at LincolnShare! David to find out if the education room at the Usher Gallery is available the week before, or after, Saturday 16th. Laura, Joss, David & Mike will work together on planning the event.

LCDA @ BGU | Wednesday, 4 March

Thanks to Andrew for presenting at this event on our behalf. PW to post more information about the event when it’s published. Mike and Joss will be joining to board of the LCDA.

Frequency of Meetings

It was agreed that we should switch to fortnightly meeting – our next meeting being scheduled for noon on Saturday, 21 March.

Researchers’ Forum

No one present could remember who proposed the creation of the forum, but all agreed that it was a good idea. It was decided that it will be the number one agenda item for our next meeting, where, hopefully, someone present will be able the talk to the proposal.

Development of Online Programme

Again, it was decided that this item should be added to the next agenda, where scholars with more knowledge of the practicalities (and politics) of such an endeavour would, hopefully, be present.


Wendy is to start a TEFL course.

PW will stand as a Green Party councillor at the next City Council elections.

And David, finally, got his review published.

Andrew’s book will be officially ‘launched’ by the University of Lincoln on Tuesday, 17 March, in the College Area on the Second floor or Bridge House from 5-7pm.

The meeting closed at 1pm.


Notes from SSC Planning Meeting, 1st March 2014, at Revival Centre

Meeting started at 12 noon

Venue – Revival Centre, Sincil Street, Lincoln

Present: Lucy, Andrew, Peaceful, Mike, Gary, David

Apologies: Sarah, Richard, Joss, Adrian

1. Conference

The cost of the venue for the conference is approximately £600.

It was agreed to subsidise the cost of the food – £10 for evening meal and £6 for lunch, but to expect people to make a donation.

We need to check number of registrations so far with JW – Action MN

We need to check if any papers have been put forward to morning session –  Action MN

Sessions to present co-operative work and other similar types of activity in Lincoln and elsewhere need to be identified.

Invitations to be made to like-minded groups eg GS to contact PPE, Ragged, Brighton Free University, AMac to contact Capital and Class.

Adam and DMc to take photographs of the event. Arrangements for recording ( audio/video) need to be made.

Walking Tour – who will be leading this needs to be confirmed – MN to speak with JW

Chairs for sessions – needs to be confirmed.

Press and Publicity – GS to speak with RK

Posters and Flyers – Following LS advice MN to sort out printing of more flyers. These should include times of start and finish.

Check necessary materials will be provided eg Flipcharts and pens: DMc

Walk through – need to walk through the days events before the event. This might have already been done. Check with JW

2. SSC – teaching programmes

We started to discuss arrangements for next term. There was a view that next term should focus on writing projects, supervised and mentored by teacher-scholars. The teacher-scholars can meet weekly with student-scholars, and for whole group to meet every 3-4 weeks as a group to discuss and share progress.

3. Venue

The Revival Centre will soon no longer be available for meetings. We need to find alternative venue for our monthly meetings. Revival will be moving premises and there may be some longer term possibilities for SSC with their new arrangements. PW will keep us informed.


Meeting closed at 1.10 pm

General meeting this Sunday (17th) at Revival

Our next general, open meeting is this Sunday at 12-2pm, Revival (on the corner of Norman St and Sincil St., Lincoln).

View Revival, Sincil Street, Lincoln in a larger map

The suggested agenda is similar to usual:

  1. Minutes, decisions and actions of meeting 16th February
  2. General activities / Annual lecture
  3. Membership development/ Scholars-teachers and Scholar-students
  4. Finance report
  5. Working groups / progress and issues
  6. Self-organisation process / progress and issues
  7. Public and community work/ progress and issues
  8. Additional considerations and next meeting

If you are attending and/or agreed to actions at the last meeting, please could you try to review the notes from February prior to the meeting.

Download the document here: http://j.mp/ZlHaBF

Thanks very much. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.