Reciprocity saving pools: An alternative to debt-based money

Savings pools
Building community resilience and helping us move away from debt-based money, Reciprocity Savings Pools offer a way for people to keep money local and enable each other to take out loans at zero interest, based on the Swedish JAK bank, but at a much smaller scale.
Renew Involvement Centre
Mint Lane, Lincoln. LN1 1UD.
Thursday 1st October, 7pm
The Social Science Centre – Lincoln’s centre for free, cooperative higher education – is hosting this seminar by New Zealanders Bryan & Joanne Innes from Living Economies.  I went to their seminar at the International Permaculture Convergence, and they have kindly agreed to share it with us in Lincoln.  It’s brilliant – come!

IF Project – Annual Humanities Summer School



In June 2015 the IF Project is launching its second Summer School and cordially invites members of the Social Science Centre and anyone else who is interested to attend.

“IF is an experiment in alternative higher education where the courses are free, lecturers donate time and expertise, and the syllabus includes taking in the free events happening in the many cultural institutions of London. It is a community of those who want to teach and learn for the love of doing so.”

“The Summer School is designed as a taste of university-level study. Over four weeks you will lay personal foundations in the study of the humanities. Lectures and discussions will introduce undergraduate-level Literature,

History (what do historians do?), Visual Arts and Sound (as critical practices) and Political Philosophy (what is the relationship between freedom and social justice?).

The theme of foundations encourages students to discover how Humanities disciplines provide interpretative tools to get beneath the surface of everyday life: to discover the foundations of the familiar, from personal identity to our visual appreciation, to the laws that govern us, global trends and even our own opinions.”

I have attached a flyer for those who would like further information and a link to the IF Project’s website:

2015 IF Summer School Programme 1.3

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Public Seminar (21 May): ‘Place-based education and decolonizing universities’

Place-based education in the Canadian Arctic: Decolonizing universities, decolonizing politics

Darcy Leigh, University of Edinburgh

21 May 2015 | 7:00–9:00pm
Mint Lane Involvement Centre, Lincoln (LN1 1UD)

In Canada, formal education has been a central tool of colonial assimilation. Today, education remains a key site of anti-colonial and Indigenous struggles and of interventions. Understanding what is happening in these struggles and in projects to develop alternative forms of higher education thus offers insight into the meaning of politics itself and into the role of higher education in decolonizing society.

In this discussion, Darcy Leigh will share her experiences of working with two anti-colonial higher education projects in the Canadian Arctic. Both are using ‘place-based pedagogy’ and both are combining different forms of knowledge and politics in an Arctic setting, to rework existing possibilities and develop and practice alternatives. This discussion offers space to learn how these projects are using place-based education to navigate these tensions and to decolonize both politics and education in the Canadian Arctic, and for participants to consider connections to their own lives and work.

More about Darcy: Darcy Leigh is a Fellow at the Academy of Government at the University of Edinburgh, where she co-teaches the course ‘Political Work’. Her work is about how people inhabit and contest neo and late liberal narratives of political agency. She is especially concerned with the possibilities for agency that are closing and opening in universities. She recently completed her PhD, titled ‘Post-liberal agency: Decolonizing politics and universities in the Canadian Arctic’, for which she worked with Indigenous and Northern actors in a struggle for/over an Arctic university. In the past five years she has also been a Research Assistant and/or instructor with Dechinta Bush University (, Northern Governance and Economy (, and the Akitsiraq Law School ( She teaches political, critical, feminist, queer and anti-colonial theory and action across the social sciences at the University of Edinburgh and specializes in collaborative, affective and inclusive pedagogy. 

Contact to talk about childcare support for the seminar.

4th Annual General Meeting – May 16th, 11-4pm

The Social Science Centre will hold its 4th AGM on May 16th 2015 at Croft Street Community Centre. This is a public event and all are welcome. An agenda will follow soon but the day is likely to begin with the formal business of our co-operative, followed by lunch (bring and share) and then a series of talks and discussions, including guest speakers, Tony Jeffs, Bob Cannell, and Andrew Jackson. Join us to celebrate four years of free, co-operative higher education!

SSC AGM 2015 - smallb


If you are planning to come with children or would like to talk to us about help with childcare and children’s activities on the day, please contact the Childcare Working Group (