Notes from March 7th general meeting

SSC Planning Meeting

Time: 12 noon, Saturday 7 March 2015

Venue: Involce@Lincoln | Mint Lane

Present: PW, Mike, David & Wendy

Apologies: Sarah, Joss, Andrew, Laura, Tim, Lucy, Stephen, Gerard & Martha

Previous minutes agreed.


Mike gave us a summary of the course so far, with particular reference to the most recent session. By all accounts (Wendy and PW also contributed to the summary) it was a stimulating evening spent debating the fundamentals. It was noted that a concern had been raised by one of the participants about the extent to which all scholars had felt included in the session. It was agreed that time should be spent reflecting on this matter at the next session so that no scholar should feel excluded nor that their contributions were not valued and that each member of the group feels that they are an important part of the session. It was also agreed that the group might reflect on its protocols for making public any issue that arises in future sessions.


Mike will contact London Metropolitan to arrange a visit to their Adult Ed & Trade Union Ed archive later in the spring; Mike will also contact Joss to try and co-ordinate this with a visit to the May Day Rooms.

It was agreed that we would invite Bob Cannell & Tony Jeffs to join us as speakers at our AGM. Wendy is going to contact Helen Gunter to find out if she would also like to join us too (Wendy will circulate something soon).

AGM | Saturday, 16 May

The Collection is not available, but we are pencilled in at LincolnShare! David to find out if the education room at the Usher Gallery is available the week before, or after, Saturday 16th. Laura, Joss, David & Mike will work together on planning the event.

LCDA @ BGU | Wednesday, 4 March

Thanks to Andrew for presenting at this event on our behalf. PW to post more information about the event when it’s published. Mike and Joss will be joining to board of the LCDA.

Frequency of Meetings

It was agreed that we should switch to fortnightly meeting – our next meeting being scheduled for noon on Saturday, 21 March.

Researchers’ Forum

No one present could remember who proposed the creation of the forum, but all agreed that it was a good idea. It was decided that it will be the number one agenda item for our next meeting, where, hopefully, someone present will be able the talk to the proposal.

Development of Online Programme

Again, it was decided that this item should be added to the next agenda, where scholars with more knowledge of the practicalities (and politics) of such an endeavour would, hopefully, be present.


Wendy is to start a TEFL course.

PW will stand as a Green Party councillor at the next City Council elections.

And David, finally, got his review published.

Andrew’s book will be officially ‘launched’ by the University of Lincoln on Tuesday, 17 March, in the College Area on the Second floor or Bridge House from 5-7pm.

The meeting closed at 1pm.


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