Notes for Know-how (sixth session): Evidence, violence, if…do…

SSC: Thursday 20th November 2014, Croft Street

Present: Martha, James, Laura, Gerard, Mike, Tim

What we have been doing this week:

  • Got the ok for planting 800 trees! Re-read the report written in 1997, but feels that much of it would still apply today.
  • Looking at research about biophilia: mental and physical advantages of proximity to nature; biophillic design.
  • Reading Carol Dweck and relevance of “growth mindset” in context of education.
  • Environments with different attitudes: Changing from an attitude of “No, but” to “Yes, unless.”  Theories of evolution – is it a priori, or a posteri: you can use it to make something happen.
  • Writing an article about violence, based on drone culture.  How do we counter violence?  What is the logic of the militarised drone?  What is the root?
  • Designing a counter project.  How can we be invisible to the capitalist project?
  • Registered a web domain; teaching; talking with Mark Thomas about Please Mind the Farage!  When we’re creative, it’s outside the logic of war and the target culture.  We’re at a tipping point, when human comprehension of existence is changing.

    We discussed the dangers of “evidence based” research, and that evidence is political.  Can the variety inherent in education be handled in an “evidenced” way.  Teachers have been left out as a resource for adding innovation.

    Is education redemptive?  Education as benign violence (Asgar Allen); same logic as a factory.  Trend in education towards individualisation and achieving targets.

    We’re not critically self-conscious of the predicament we’re in.

    Martha described the process of her paper (our reading for last week) for the recommendation of where to site an access centre, and its use of “If… Do” statements.

    We discussed whether there are problems that cannot be solved, and which is the real/normal situation: between economic boom and economic depression.  If you drive down the value of labour, you create unemployment and people work for nothing.

    Tim agreed to recommend some reading for next week about fractals.

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