Notes from organisational meeting 1st February 2014

SSC Organisational Meeting

Saturday, 1 February, 12.15 pm, Revival Café

Present: Sarah, Paul, Peaceful, Stephen and David.

Apologies: Joss.

In the absence of Gary, David was chair and note taker.

1 – Financial report. Stephen presented the report (already posted on the site). We have sufficient funds for our proposed conference.

2 – SSI. Paul and Peaceful shared their thoughts about the course. Generally very positive.

3 – Our Place Our Priorities.  Some disappointing news from The Collection about the OPOP display, it may have to be postponed until next year. Peaceful suggested an alternative, Revival are in negotiations with Lincolnshire Co-op for new premises on Free School Lane… watch this space.

4- SSC Conference. We have the funds, and the venue, but as the scholars who had proposed the conference were not present at the meeting, it was decided that it would be best to continue the discussion on the SSC members’ list.


Paul mentioned that when we hold our public seminars, we have a donations/contributions box at the back. Could we do a similar thing for the SSI course? Stephen had no objections.

Sarah, along with some other scholars from the SSC who also work at the University of Lincoln, will be taking part in a ‘Teach Out’ at noon on Thursday, 6 February at Grafton House (Lincoln Labour Club).  The subject under consideration for the session will be student debt. All welcome.

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