Notes from SSC general meeting 29th June

Notes of Meeting held at the Revival Centre, Lincoln –

29th June 12.00 am – 2.00pm

Present: Joss (in the Chair), Stephen, Sarah, Mike, Gary, David, Vernon, Claire, Peaceful Warrior.

Apologies received from: Alice, Richard , Laura

Notes compiled by: Stephen

Decisions made

  1. That we will pursue a range of ways to make others aware of the work of the SSC and how they can become involved.
  2. That we will progress as a matter of priority the planning for next term’s Social Science Imagination course.
  3. That we will accept Gary’s offer to become the un-waged administrator/co-ordinator for the SSC.
  4. That we will undertake research linked to the matter of waged roles within co-operatives
  5. That we will ask Claire to provide a presentation/input regarding her Project as part of the schedule of presentations next year.
  6. That we would look again at the matter of child care to support SSC members so that they can attend meetings etc.

Actions that those present agreed to undertake


  • Production of promotional ‘business cards’
  • Establish links with ‘Lincolnite’ so that we are promoted on their website.
  • Develop our use of Facebook and Twitter
  • Production of ‘Posters’
  • Look into the idea of an SSC Picnic

Gary and Mike

  • Production of the SSC 2013/14 Prospectus

Gary and Joss

  • Production of a local map of ‘groups ‘ that the SSC might link up with and which might have people within them interested in becoming SSC members


  • ‘Dynamise’ the Home Page of the SSC website
  • Firm up programme of lectures/presentations for next year

Joss and David

  • Produce schedule of SSC meetings for the next year. And look at the shape of these sessions to enable them to bring about greater interpersonal interaction.


  • Lead the review of the SSI course


  • Explore links with ‘Hackspace’ to see what projects we could engage in as joint /collaborative ventures.

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