Notes from SSC meeting on 11th June 2012

Heather took notes at our recent meeting. You can download them below.

Lincoln Social Science Centre
Meeting 11 June 2012, 7.30-9.30 at the Renew Involvement Centre, Mint Lane

Present: David M (Chair); Steve H, Zoraida M, Helen F, Heather H (notes), Jared P, Sandi S, Mike W, Ian P, Doug B, Alan G, Adam, Michael T, Sarah A, Mike N, Sara M.

Apologies: Joss W, Ed B.


  1. Introduction to Renew Centre by Centre Manger, Andrew Harrison
  2. AGM and matters arising
  3. General discussion on curriculum
  4. Working groups: membership/recruitment; communications; curriculum (to continue general discussion/firm up ideas for next meeting on 30 June)

SSC notes of meeting 11-06-2012 (PDF)

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