Update on membership

Posted to the Social Science Centre discussion list:

Hi everyone,

I thought you would be interested to know that since we opened up the SSC to formal membership enrolment, we now have 26 confirmed members, 18 of whom are ‘Academic members’ and eight Associate Academic members.

If you have enrolled as a member and wish to be listed on the website http://socialsciencecentre.org.uk/members/ please send a short biographical statement to info@socialsciencecentre.org.uk

If you are reading this through a subscription to the SSC website, I encourage you to join the discussion list: https://lists.aktivix.org/mailman/listinfo/ssc

See you on the 10th September for our next meeting. Location/time to be confirmed, but expect a one day meeting in central Lincoln. As it’s on a Saturday, I don’t think Mint Lane will be available to us but there are other similar venues we will investigate.


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